Thursday, May 31, 2007

Logical Excuse?

Nowadays excuses can be passed around from politician,hospital's staff,government departments and now the private sectors.No matter what the excuses are,the suckers will always be the customers.

Yesterday I order this from Pizza Hut,thru' their hot line.The operator even greeted me by my name,that means my phone number is in their database.The order of my pizza went thru' smoothly but not the delivery.It arrived at my premises 90 minutes late.The pizza looks very dry(see for yourself).I asked the delivery boy.What happen?.....He said this .............."Motorbike got no petrol".

p/s .If Pizza Hut is looking for 'BLOG' to advertise their products,will they pick mine?:D:D:D:D:

Monday, May 28, 2007


The packing looks very impressive,but the QC really embarrassed me.

I have been operating my cybercafe for seven years.I never heard my customers complaining about my keyboard in this vary odd situation.
Customer:"Boss,your keyboard have no alphabet 'Z' "(key)

Me : " Every keyboard must have one lah !!!

Customer: Boss,:"Kalau tak percaya, pergi lah tunjuk sama saya di mana letaknya 'Z'.(If you don't believe me please show me where it is?)
To my surprise,this keyboard have 2 'A' keys.The alphabet 'A' beside 'SHIFT' should be 'Z' .(KNN)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Restaurant Hot Pot 196

This evening I brought my mother-in-law to dinner.My wife starts to interrogate me,why I am so nice to her.We men had to do some backup,just in case we need her(in-law) during family feud,misunderstandings,husband and wife quarrel etc,etc.

Similarly in business,we have to entertain,to get jobs,this and that.You guys should know what I meant.The not so nice word ..........'rasuah'

Guys!...........When we used this,not so nice tactic we must do it frequently,or else we will be the
unlucky suspect.Trust me! guys,Mark my words.

Just two weeks ago,I bought my wife a small diamond ring, to REPLACE my wedding gift to her few years back.She starts to ask me this:
Why suddenly you bought this?.................
And she jokingly said...........Did you do anything wrong behind me? That I don't know?
Me:*sigh* How to explain?
So this type of inconvenience's could be avoided if we do it frequently,for eg. this dinner.:D:D:D

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Trip To Genting.

My family and I was here two weeks ago.It was a short holiday.We spend only 2 days here.
My youngest boy Jiet Qiang with his godmother Fei Fei,my wife's school mate.FYI you guys out there,she still single.Anybody wants to be my son's godfather?
Indoor theme park,not suitable for my digital camera.Some pictures I took looks blur blur.Luckily I found some for my blog posting.
Everything here are Wahhhh!,Wheeeiii,Ohhhhhh, to him.Original kampung boy.He was so excited.That particular night he slept like an angel,cuddling me on the hotel bed.This is the first time he behaved like this.My wife was so jealous about me.She slept alone cuddling her blanket.:D,:D,:D

Out Of Desperation

Recently my friend 'Zuloong' sent me this photo and he said,"Will you do this, if you are still a bujang?(bachelor).The answer is of course "no way".
Hi readers ...................What if I pasted HIS photograph on it? Forward to all his friends.Will he be mad about this?:D

Sunday, May 20, 2007

BrokenArrow: Salah hantar

BrokenArrow: Salah hantar

Salah hantar

Hi,readersDo you guys received SMS thru your hand-phone that's NOT meant for you? I received twice from this young lady ,who happens to be one my staff. The first SMS was nothing special which was SMS to me a few weeks ago,but the second SMS is a bit amusing.

Abg means abang, rdu means rindu, ayg means ayang and X means tak.Abang rindu ayang tak? So I reply with ......Rindu (with my feeling giggling with laughter)She SMS back..............see below! (It's means Sorry boss salah hantar.)

So this is my SMS to her:"Yang lain kali jaga2 sikit.Nasib baik bukan bini i yg bukak msg nie.kalo x,kne tido kat ruang tamu mlm ini.(Yang,Be careful next time,luckily not my wife answered this msg or else ,I'll be sleeping at my living room tonight)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Planning to setup 'TADIKA GENTING'

My first batch of students doing their practical............(Anyone like to invest on my new venture?)