Thursday, July 26, 2007

Park at your own risk........

This photo was taken during a down pour at Billion Shopping Centre,Taman Samudera,Sri Manjung.
The driver was an out stationer who is not familiar with the car park surrounding. The management of this shopping centre provides parking but compromise the safety. There is nothing to stop a car from surging forward if you mistakenly step on the wrong pedal. When will they ever start to prevent this from happening? Majlis Perbandaran Manjung, please do something before some one got hurt.TQ

If you are in my shoe.........

My little boy now is tireless, trying out anything that he could lay hand on. My television remote control, astro decoder, aircon, my car alarm system, etc, etc, etc. The most ‘disastrous’ one that is the alarm clock he ‘adjust’ for his grandma, two hours late to do her business in the market. If I’m not mistaken ,three of the alarm clock ended up as his toys which are not functionable after he drop it on the floor, Excluding the hand phone that his mother sent it to Nokia for repair .Only during his ‘nap-nap’ time, or else there will be no peace in our home. *SIGH*……..Just curious how kindergarten could be managed so professionally, can anyone please! give some advice?

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Hand Phone

These few weeks’ events are really testing my patient. First, my shoe let me down, second my staff taking emergency leave without any good excuses, third my hand phone died out on me and fourth my housemaid of two years is pregnant(Of course the father is NOT me)
I know I’m naughty but …….not as naughty as doing this. As the saying goes
“There Are Honors among Thief”

As my blog title suggests “Out of Desperation, Courage Was Born”.
I take these crises easily and relax. First I bought my self a new phone and secondly sent my maid to her agent and at the meantime I’m meddling with my new phone Samsung U600 Ultra Slim and see how the functions work.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Sometime when my youngest boy sleeps, he always catches my attention.*Sigh*:D

Monday, July 9, 2007

Good PR

When shopping for a pair of shoe this afternoon.My previous pair let me down last night.It cost me RM279.90,just less then six months,so this time I choose another brand,"Larrie".The price is RM149.90 and less 20%=RM119.92,much more cheaper.

The quality looks okay to me,hope it won't let down this time.The sales promoter to my previous shoe offer to send back to their company for repair,I declined,cos it takes roughly two long months to complete the whole process,if done it locally,two days.No doubt their services(PR)are good,that neutralised the disappointment.I bought this pair at the same premises.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dinner For 2

In Sitiawan,when we went out for dinner we always patronise the restaurant that is near our home,so as to cut down the hassle of travelling.The prices should be reasonable and the seafood must be fresh like the grouper here,steamed 'Teoh Chiew' style.I prefer this style cos the juice of the steam fish,as you can see! Mmmmmm! you can drink it as you're taking soup.
This 'water spinach sambal' is common but the taste this restaurant produced is excellent.
And this is Black Pepper Chicken,half Thai and half 'Hock Chiew' style...I think so...........:D
What ever the styles are................ it's all inside my stomach now!!!
p/s The name of the restaurant...........De Villa,Kampung Cina.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

You Buy This Excuse?

Hi guys,do you still remember my staff who mistakenly SMS-ed me the other day?Click here for the post.Today she SMS-ed me again,but this time it is for me(her name is Leya).Let me translate it to English.She said: ''Boss I can't work today,I sprained my hand la''.
So I SMS-ed back,"Go and see a doctor and bring back your MC.''

She said:"I didn't go and see a doctor,just ask my member to massage it,she/he is working at the Spa."On the 28th June,she asked for permission to go back earlier,to open a bank account.On the 29th June,I asked her to do OT,she said she had a dinner appointment.On the 30th June,she got her salary,and today 1st July 2007 ,she SMS-ed me this message.I'm scratching my head.........What will she thinks of,next!