Thursday, July 5, 2007

Dinner For 2

In Sitiawan,when we went out for dinner we always patronise the restaurant that is near our home,so as to cut down the hassle of travelling.The prices should be reasonable and the seafood must be fresh like the grouper here,steamed 'Teoh Chiew' style.I prefer this style cos the juice of the steam fish,as you can see! Mmmmmm! you can drink it as you're taking soup.
This 'water spinach sambal' is common but the taste this restaurant produced is excellent.
And this is Black Pepper Chicken,half Thai and half 'Hock Chiew' style...I think so...........:D
What ever the styles are................ it's all inside my stomach now!!!
p/s The name of the restaurant...........De Villa,Kampung Cina.


BadBoy said...

Oh mi gosh! The fish above. Wei, I morning morning breakfast also haven't take you make me hungry ka? LOL Anyway, nice knowing ya and thanks for visiting my blog ya! :D

aawilliam said...

Hi BadBoy, thank for the comment.
City boys where got take breakfast?
Lunch and breakfast taken together mah:D