Monday, July 9, 2007

Good PR

When shopping for a pair of shoe this afternoon.My previous pair let me down last night.It cost me RM279.90,just less then six months,so this time I choose another brand,"Larrie".The price is RM149.90 and less 20%=RM119.92,much more cheaper.

The quality looks okay to me,hope it won't let down this time.The sales promoter to my previous shoe offer to send back to their company for repair,I declined,cos it takes roughly two long months to complete the whole process,if done it locally,two days.No doubt their services(PR)are good,that neutralised the disappointment.I bought this pair at the same premises.


Selba said...

The shoes looks good! especially put on the desk, hehehe

aawilliam said...

I know it looks smarter on the table, but it is used on the floor.Heheheh.

Jason said...

Next time buy 10 pairs from pasar malam with the price you paid. Just throw away when you feel like throwing away. hahaha!.
Good things are not cheap man!
Cheap things are not good! Dont you agree? I think you had abused your precious shoe. Thinking with the price you paid, you can use as multi-purpose shoe. There are different shoe for different purpose right?

aawilliam said...

Even Nike are produced Thailand

aawilliam said...

Sorry... produced in Thailand.