Sunday, July 1, 2007

You Buy This Excuse?

Hi guys,do you still remember my staff who mistakenly SMS-ed me the other day?Click here for the post.Today she SMS-ed me again,but this time it is for me(her name is Leya).Let me translate it to English.She said: ''Boss I can't work today,I sprained my hand la''.
So I SMS-ed back,"Go and see a doctor and bring back your MC.''

She said:"I didn't go and see a doctor,just ask my member to massage it,she/he is working at the Spa."On the 28th June,she asked for permission to go back earlier,to open a bank account.On the 29th June,I asked her to do OT,she said she had a dinner appointment.On the 30th June,she got her salary,and today 1st July 2007 ,she SMS-ed me this message.I'm scratching my head.........What will she thinks of,next!


Nick Phillips, MY said...

Well, that's the way some staff are nowadays. In fact today my assistant called in sick. He looked absolutely okay to me yesterday! This is not the first time he's done this though, so I can't wait for more excuses from him ...

aawilliam said...

Hi,Nick, thanks for the comment.She don't want to see a doctor,thats where the suspicious is.When I called back,her phone was off.Need to have discipline here....:D 0_o