Sunday, May 20, 2007

Salah hantar

Hi,readersDo you guys received SMS thru your hand-phone that's NOT meant for you? I received twice from this young lady ,who happens to be one my staff. The first SMS was nothing special which was SMS to me a few weeks ago,but the second SMS is a bit amusing.

Abg means abang, rdu means rindu, ayg means ayang and X means tak.Abang rindu ayang tak? So I reply with ......Rindu (with my feeling giggling with laughter)She SMS back..............see below! (It's means Sorry boss salah hantar.)

So this is my SMS to her:"Yang lain kali jaga2 sikit.Nasib baik bukan bini i yg bukak msg nie.kalo x,kne tido kat ruang tamu mlm ini.(Yang,Be careful next time,luckily not my wife answered this msg or else ,I'll be sleeping at my living room tonight)


Selba said...

Hahaha... are you sure that the sms text is really "salah hantar"? there's always a chance that she might feel shy after your reply to her therefore she made an excuse *wink*

aawilliam said...

Selba,My staff bf and I ,known each other.I show her my posting.She just said,,,,,Malulah bos!